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Doodle Policy:   (Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Sheepadoodles, Bernadoodles and the rest...)

New Doodles are ONLY being accepted based on pre-booking regular appointments (4-10 weeks depending on cut style and hair type)

Pricing is subject to change depending on the size, style, condition of the coat & the cooperation of the Doodle 

ALL Price Quotes are an ESTIMATE, and Final Price is not given until the Grooming Process is Complete)

The Full Groom: Prices start at $100

F ull body haircut up to 1 1/2"  PLUS (bath, nails, ear cleaning, blow-dry, brush out)  

The Fluffy Cut: Prices start at $120

Full body haircut over 1 1/2" PLUS (b ath, nails, ear cleaning, blow-dry, brush out)

The Bath & Brush:  Prices start at $85

Bath, nails, ear cleaning, blow-dry and brush out

The Bath & Shave Down: Prices start at $60

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